Our Story

Tauro was formed in 2013 to leverage the proven success and unique blend of skills of its founding partners. An experienced and collaborative team, the partners have worked closely together in various capacities since 2005 in locations such as New York and Mexico City.

Our Team

The members of our investment and operations team have extensive experience as investors, entrepreneurs, operators, consultants and M&A bankers.

Our team brings an unparalleled ability to visualize, develop, operate, value and monetize opportunities.

 The Tauro Advantage

We are not a typical private equity firm. Once we identify market opportunities in the natural resources and energy related sectors, we invest personal resources and funds to determine feasibility and potential.

Only after committing funds to start and develop a project with exceptional growth prospects and return potential, we welcome third party capital.

We have a unique ability to understand, manage and value intrinsic risk within our capital allocation decision making process.

We believe in accountability and aligning our interests with those of our investors.